Founded in February of 1997, Accessible Vans of America, LLC. (AVA) is a member owned organization made up of independent Mobility Dealers across the United States who rent, sell and service wheelchair accessible vehicles. The purpose of this organization is to consistently provide its customers with the highest standards of product quality, safety and customer service found in the industry. AVA's primary focus is the rental of wheelchair accessible vehicles. We have a nationwide network of dealers who can help with accessible vehicle rentals for business or pleasure.

Nationwide Wheelchair Van Rentals

Accessible Vans of America has a nationwide networks of wheelchair van dealers who offer competitive rates and quality wheelchair van rentals to our customers. Our goal is to make renting wheelchair accessible transportation as convenient and affordable for our customers as possible. Our system allows customers to find their closest wheelchair van rental in their area or the area they are traveling too along with the nearest airports. Many dealers will assist in pick up and drop off of the rental vans to assist in making travels another step easier. 

Networking Dealers To Customers Across the Nation

With a large following of customers searching for wheelchair accessible transportation, Accessible Vans of America provides a central area for customers to find dealers closest to their location or their destination. Becoming part of the Accessible Vans of America networks allows you to bring your dealership nationwide to customers needing transporatation. Please contact us for more information on joining our dealer network.

Our Philosophy 

The philosophy of the organization is to recruit top Mobility Dealers. AVA is the only organization in this industry to require that all members be an existing mobility dealer as well as a member of NMEDA, National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. This qualification ensures that all of our locations have the knowledge, training and understanding of the specialized needs and abilities that exist for our customers.

AVA's national toll free phone number, 866-224-1750, was established to provide convenience for our customers and efficiency for the Member Dealers. When a customer calls our toll free number, the call is routed to the dealer closest to the caller's location. By doing this we accomplish several objectives. First, the customer is connected directly to a dealer without having to go through a centralized reservation system. Second, the customer's first point of contact is a dealer in his/her area. Lastly, it reduces customer frustration by reducing the number of calls he/she has to make to book a reservation.

AVA has formed relationships with national car rental agencies for their customers who need wheelchair accessible vehicles. National car rental companies do not offer this type of vehicle and provide the caller with our name and number for renting wheelchair accessible vehicles. Currently these companies include: Hertz, Avis, Alamo, Dollar and Enterprise.

When a customer calls and requests information about wheelchair accessible rentals they are referred to our national toll free number.

AVA is a member of the following organizations: - The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED) - The National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association (NMEDA)